Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Love TED Talks

I love the TED talks. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and is a yearly conference.  I just finished listening on my iPod to Bryan Stevenson and his talk about the Criminal Justice System. I listen to a lot of these, and I am really awed and inspired by many.

Recently people have been saying that TED talks dumb down complex issues, and maybe is a bit simplistic. I like the way that I am introduced to important ideas that I would normally not come across.

There has been a great growth in events such as TED all around. This includes the TEDx events, which are independently hosted all over, even in San Diego. TED used to be invitation only, and now it is open to the public, even though it is very expensive at least $7500 with VIP packages up to $125,000.

One of the perks of attending TED is being part of the TED Book Club. Attendees get 2-3 books four times a year. I would love to know what books they are sending out. What the movers and shakers are reading and discussing. If any of you know what books are part of the club, please let me know. I am dying to know!

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