Friday, February 24, 2012

Kickstarter, Window to Innovation

I love Kickstarter . It is a web site that allows anyone with a project to seek funding to achieve some goal. The Artist (I use this term loosely) creates a small video explaining what they are trying to accomplish, how much they want to earn and line up some cool premiums that backers will receive at various levels of giving.
I have personally been attracted to films and I look forward to contributing enough to one to earn the Associate Producer title in the rolling credits.
If the project hits the money goal on the targeted day, kickstarter gets their cut, the project gets their dough and the backers get their bling.
I like how innovative and democratic it is. I know that there are similar sites out there, but I have not looked at them much. Here is a widget that makes browsing them easier Kickstumbler, I have not played with it much, but I see how it could be handy.
 Anyone else have experience in Kickstarter?

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