Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Learning about Other Countries, or A Dangerously Distracting Web Site

Since my geography skills are rather poor, I was looking for some worksheets that would allow me to brush up on countries and related information. I found Sporcle which has some games where you have to come of with the names of all the countries on certain continent, as well as matching games and other related things to do.

This reminded me just how ignorant I am of many other countries. It brings to mind the woman that set out to read a book from each country of the world. I guess a similar task would be to travel to each country, but that would be expensive, if not because of airfare, at least in terms of time.

I wonder what else could be done in a similar style, maybe eat a meal from each country, or buy a handicraft, or listen to a song.

Any suggestions?


  1. I did want to sharpen my country skills. Thanks

  2. I'd imagine there are some you can lump together. I wonder if there are any that have not produced a book that has been translated into English? Another fun idea would be to learn the greeting from each country and use it for a day, but again I think some probably share greetings. I'm guessing Jambo works in most African countries but I'm not really sure.