Thursday, June 05, 2014

Getting exposed to some new stuff

I have yet to take advantage of this service, but I think that it is pretty cool.

Quarterly is a web site that features Curators that will periodically send you a package. You do not find out before-hand what it contains, but it you do get to choose your curator, and many are already well known on the internet for their design chops (hope you know what I mean there).
I have wandered onto the web site every so often, and it has really been growing, with new curators joining on. The most recent wandering was from whose curator is now associated with Quarterly.


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  2. I have seen this idea but with clothes. For 60-200 per month they send you designer clothing tailored to suit your style. Doesn't appeal to me but to each their own.

    1. I think that it is called Trunk and I have seen it mentioned around.